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Dane Philipsen's Oboe Studio at the Interlochen Arts Academy

Our Mission...

The mission of Dane Philipsen's oboe studio at the Interlochen Arts Academy is to be ever-improving oboists and musicians, expand our experience of the liberal arts, and discover the role that music plays in our lives and developing careers. Together, we begin by strengthening the fundamental techniques of playing the instrument and continue by exploring the languages, rhetoric, and contexts of our music.

Our Studio...

In a typical school week, Dane's oboe studio comes together for two studio classes, two reed making classes, and every student receives a private lesson. Lessons are a great opportunity for us to work together and focus on your personal development. Our studio and reed making classes allow us to grow together in a community of supportive peers. Our strength-in-numbers is special and not something many oboists find before reaching college or conservatory training. The oboe studio is well suited to high school oboists in any stage of development who are looking for an immersive experience that accelerates their growth as oboists and musicians.

Our Music Division and Academy...

The studio's curriculum is complemented by the Woodwind Seminar classes and chamber music opportunities within the IAA Woodwind Area, music theory and large ensemble classes within the Music Division, and academic instruction in mathematics, sciences, and humanities. A typical class day begins at 7:30am or 8:30am and concludes at 6:00pm. Although it is a longer-than-usual school day, this includes your oboe lessons and classes as well as large ensemble rehearsals in a comprehensive curriculum that integrates artistic and academic learning.

For more information and to apply...

Oboe at Interlochen Arts Academy

Please visit Interlochen's website for Oboe at the Interlochen Arts Academy for more information.

Contact us...

Please reach out to the music admissions specialists at Interlochen.

If you have questions for Dane, please use the contact form.